Enetbuys generates more revenue
than 90% of all other sellers on Amazon

Grocery & Food

The growth of e-commerce has witnessed a burgeoning online grocery/food market. enetBuys has represented a number of specialty food companies, specializing in gluten free, wheat free, "paleo", organic and kosher products and helping to successfully market and brand those products.

Product Categories

enetBuys has specialized in the following product categories: health and beauty, designer clothing and lingerie, toys, nutritional supplements and designer bags and cases. enetBuys has also enjoyed productive relationships with product manufacturers, helping to launch internet sales and building product brand awareness.

Procurement & Marketing Strategy

enetBuys focuses on the closeout/liquidation and wholesale industries, sourcing products from wholesale vendors, brokers and manufacturers. Once a product is identified, enetBuys determines which market place will offer the most effective selling platform. enetBuys creates compelling product pages which are structured to create maximum online sales awareness.